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Painting Services in Jasper, GA

A home in Jasper, GA, that had painting services

Exterior Painting

Increase your home's curb appeal and value with our exterior painting services. With over 20+ years of experience L&M is very knowledgeable with painting home exteriors. At L&M we use professional grade exterior sprayers that guarantee a flawless finish and long-lasting results. At L&M we ensure a clean and smooth process of painting exteriors. We cover plants, move outside furniture from the area, and protect what is not going to be painted. Our highly skilled and trained painters know what it takes to keep your home vibrant and protected against the elements.

Interior Painting

At L&M services, we pride ourselves on being the premier choice for Interior painting. Our team consists of highly skilled painters, committed to deliver a seamless and superior finish that transforms your interior into a masterpiece. When you choose L&M you’re choosing a team that not only freshens up your walls and ceilings, but a team that is also dedicated on leaving your home spotless. At L&M Services, cleanness is our #1 priority. L&M uses high-quality drop cloths and high quality furniture coverings guaranteeing that your floors and space remain pristine throughout the entire painting process.



Staining is an excellent way to enhance the natural beauty of wood and other porous surfaces while also protecting them from damage caused by weather, sunlight, and moisture. We provide both oil-based and water based stains as well as a variety of colors and finishes to choose from. Whether you need your deck, fence, floor, cabinets or entire house stained; our team has the expertise, knowledge, and skill to tackle any project with confidence.

Cabinet Painting

Turn your out-dated or worn down cabinets into beautiful new pieces that breathe new life into your kitchen, bathroom or any space. Painting cabinets is a more cost effective way to revitalize your cabinets compared to fully tearing them out and getting new ones. At L & M Services we use high quality materials and the best techniques to ensure your cabinets are as good as factory new. At L & M Services we use professional grade fine finish sprayers to guarantee you a fine and smooth finish to last you years to come.

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Other Services

At L&M we offer other services beyond painting. Our additional services include: Siding Repair, Siding Installation, Deck Repair, Pressure Washing, Retaining Walls, Tile, Backsplash, Wood Rot Repair, and General Carpentry. Our skilled professionals turn your vision into reality with precision and expertise.

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